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kesäkuu 2018 - BIM - Building Information Management

BIM webinars

Are you interested to learn more about BIM and smart workflows? Please, watch our free webinars.


Upcoming live webinar

  • 2 March:
    Webinar: Work Smarter - Workflows and Cloud Collaboration
    Explore the possibilities of saving time with smart BIM workflows and cloud collaboration in BIMeye. Register to our webinar "Work smarter - Revit Workflows and Cloud Collaboration in BIMeye", 2nd March 2018.  We walk you through best practice examples of how to establish a good workflow for all disciplines in Revit and how to secure that all project members are working with the same updated information centrally stored in the cloud.
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Recorded webinar

  • Webinar: Work Smarter With Collaboration For Revit
    Find out how you can save time and improve collaboration. 
    Watch the recording from our webinar "Work smarter with Collaboration for Revit" from the 2nd February 2018. We walk you through best practice examples of how to start up a Revit project supported with Naviate and how to establish a collaboration environment with central files in Collaboration for Revit. 
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